Notificacion De Casos Medico Legales En Mexico

In case of injuries caused by gunshots or explosives, via the Internet to the Notification Receiving Unit subordinate to the Office of the Deputy Prosecutor General for Decentralized Preliminary Investigations, for which it requires the uniform form for notification of medico-legal cases, available at the internal address Publication of the agreement setting out general guidelines for the timely notification and prompt processing of medico-legal cases in the hospitals of the Federal District. [12/03/2013] The objective of this agreement is to harmonize and unify the criteria and formats for the timely notification of medical cases and to optimize and modernize them by issuing action protocols for staff and institutions working in the health sector, leading to effective and timely notification of medical cases. 12. In March 2013, the Agreement on the Establishment of General Guidelines for the Prompt Notification and Immediate Treatment of Medical Cases in Hospitals of the Federal District was published in the Official Gazette of the Federal District, an agreement which provides that personnel in the health sector and institutions providing medical services in the public sector, social and private companies, including clinics, must immediately report to the Public Prosecutor`s Office cases requiring medical care for persons with injuries or other signs suspected of being related to the commission of unlawful acts. With this agreement, the Department of Health of the Federal District, in coordination with the Office of the Procurator-General of the Federal District, is to draw up a protocol of measures for the timely notification and immediate attention of the Public Prosecutor`s Office for medico-legal cases in hospitals in the Federal District. In view of the above, on the same day, the Minister of Health and the Attorney-General of the Federal District jointly issued the agreement establishing the protocol of measures for the prompt notification and immediate treatment of medico-legal cases, which will be submitted to the Ministry. from public, social and private health service providers, including clinics. It should be noted that the protocol states that once a patient has been admitted to a hospital, he or she cannot be transferred to another hospital unit without the attending physician notifying the Ministry of the place where the user is being transferred. In the event of various violations not provided for in subparagraph (a), notification of the medico-legal case shall be made in writing to the competent Public Prosecutor`s Office in order to hear the probable unlawful acts on the uniform format for the notification of medico-legal cases. If you would like to know more about this topic, contact Cristina Loera. It is the only portal for transport, information and citizen participation.

Read more National Institute of Respiratory Diseases | 17. September 2018 The concept of medico-legal case represents any harm or other sign intentionally or recklessly caused by a person other than a person who does not like the change in his state of health or an event beyond his control, if presumably the circumstances that caused the harm coincide with a possible illegality of the harm and therefore, are known through the intervention of health sector personnel, whether at the preclinical or hospital level. For example, it is provided that notification to the Public Prosecutor`s Office must be made in the following ways: the legality, veracity and quality of the information are the strict responsibility of the dependency, entity or productive enterprise of the State that provided it because of its attributions and / or normative powers. To better understand this concept, it is necessary to quote article 288 of the Federal Penal Code, which states: “The name of injury includes not only wounds, abrasions, bruises, fractures, dislocations, burns, but any change in health and any other damage that leaves a material trace on the human body, if these effects are caused by an external cause”. Therefore, any damage caused by a cause beyond the control of the person must be reported immediately to the competent authority. Some examples of medico-legal cases that must be reported to the competent authorities are injuries likely to be caused by: This protocol is rich in a special procedure for reporting medico-legal cases arising from the probable commission of unlawful acts to be reported to the Public Prosecutor`s Office, in the context of medical, pre-clinical and hospital treatment, in accordance with article 127 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Federal District in accordance with article 301 of the Code. criminal law of the Federal District. The common format for the notification of medico-legal cases and the requirements it must contain have also been published as an annex to the Protocol. This Protocol shall enter into force 90 working days after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Federal District, and its implementation is the responsibility of both the Ministry of Health and the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federal District.

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