Wife in Law Meaning in Tamil

What is the meaning of in-laws in Tamil, translation of in-laws into Tamil, definition of in-laws, pronunciation and examples of in-laws in Tamil. A son-in-law is someone who is a step-parent, such as your husband`s sister or your wife`s father. You can call your spouse`s entire family your in-laws. A woman who provides family or social support, but no love or affection See the meaning of mother-in-law in Tamil, the definition of in-laws, translation and meaning of mother-in-law in Tamil. Find in-laws-type words, synonyms for in-laws. Learn and practice in-laws pronunciation. Find the answer to what in-laws mean in Tamil. In some countries, a married woman moves in with her in-laws and symbolically becomes part of her family. In the United States, some families with extended family members live together — a man can live with his wife, children, and mother and stepfather — but more often than not, each nuclear family lives separately. Originally, in-laws meant “everyone from a relationship that is not natural” or “not by blood.” A woman only in the in-laws, like the one who left her husband See also: Parents-in-law in Hindi, English-Tamil translation dictionary.

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