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Managing Partner Patti Santelle and Partner Gale White were among 25 women named “Top Women In Law” for 2016 by The Legal Intelligencer. The award highlights the outstanding work of Pennsylvania women lawyers who are making strides in advancing the legal profession for women. The winners were selected by The Legal using proposals from the legal community. Such correspondence should not be construed as legal advice or legal advice on specific facts or circumstances. The Content is provided for general information purposes only and you are encouraged to consult an attorney about your own situation for specific legal matters. Wes Payne participates in a discussion moderated by The Legal Intelligencer to propose concrete solutions to the problems faced by the legal profession in recruiting, hiring and retaining minority lawyers. Opportunities arise for companies in many forms – strategic mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures; licensing of intellectual property rights; real property financing; restructuring or reorganization of a business; or to litigate complex issues. No matter the occasion, the in-depth skills and experience of our lawyers help them achieve their business goals. Rutgers University School of Law, JD, Laude, 1986 Bob has spent over 15 years coaching youth soccer, baseball and basketball. The Healthcare Industry team is an interdisciplinary group of lawyers who work together to assess and mitigate risk and develop strategies that enable our clients to seize opportunities. Gale White is Chair of the Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Group and Co-Chair of the Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Liability Group. She represents large property and casualty insurers as well as small regional insurance companies nationally and regionally and has extensive experience in complex litigation, including commercial, insurance, coverage and bad faith disputes.

Read The Legal Intelligencer`s summary here. (subscription required) Our Technology Industry team advises clients in areas such as gaming and entertainment, robotics, healthcare technology, fintech, insurtech, software and manufacturing. As a litigator for over 30 years, Robert Devine prepares and negotiates cases in several jurisdictions in order to obtain maximum results in all his practices, whether in obtaining a settlement or a judgment. Bob`s practice focuses on claims claims, construction disputes, employment law, commercial disputes, professional liability, product liability, real estate liability, transportation law and DRAM shop liability. He frequently handles product recall cases. Bob represents insured and self-insured businesses. He also acts as a regional and local consultant for manufacturers, freight forwarders, general contractors, convenience food retail markets and other trading companies. We offer our clients a multidisciplinary team that leverages each other`s knowledge and experience and works together to find solutions to problems and pathways to success.

Insurance defense firm White and Williams is on track to continue losing lawyers at the same rate as in 2021, when more than 40 lawyers left compared to 30 who joined the firm, causing the firm`s headcount to drop below 200 by the end of the year. Patti Santelle, the firm`s managing partner since 2013, is recognized by her clients and colleagues as a leading lawyer in the field of complex insurance coverage. She has been representing insurance clients in asbestos, environmental, toxic tort and long-tail claims matters for over 25 years. With nine lawyers leaving Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young in August, White and Williams has fallen below 200 lawyers, raising the question of what happens next for the Philadelphia-based firm. So far in 2021, the firm has lost 13 lawyers, many of whom were rainmakers and practice group leaders. These were also triggered by significant partner losses in 2020 and 2019. However, the company says it is not in merger talks and continues to look for expansion opportunities, such as after the recent opening of the Connecticut office. COMMERCIAL ARBITRATIONWhat commercial disputes are submitted to arbitration, it is important to have an experienced lawyer by your side.

With a deep understanding of arbitration, familiarity with arbitrators, and experience from arbitration to final award, our lawyers guide clients through the arbitration process in both national and international jurisdictions. Thirty-two White and Williams lawyers were honored in The Best Lawyers in America© 2023. In addition, eight lawyers have been named “Ones to Watch” by Best Lawyers®. Inclusion in Best Lawyers® is entirely based on peer review. LICENSING AND PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Our lawyers advise clients on the acquisition, protection and monetization of intellectual property rights and on litigation or amicable resolution of disputes to protect these rights. Whether it`s patenting procedures, licensing, technology transfer or due diligence, our lawyers help protect intellectual property portfolios and retain valuable assets. REAL ESTATE FINANCINGto help demanding lenders extend, modify and sell large real estate loans. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the intricacies of all aspects of real estate financing and help our clients protect their interests in these complex transactions. FINANCIAL RESTRUCTURING AND INSOLVENCYThe insolvency lawyers understand the difficult financial relationships between creditors, shareholders and debtors and develop and implement strategies to maximize benefits for our clients. We regularly represent clients before insolvency courts across the country.

LITIGATIONTigation offers clients the opportunity to defend their rights and reputation and protect their proprietary interests. Whether our clients are defendants or plaintiffs, we develop and implement strategies and leverage our lawyers` extensive litigation experience to achieve our clients` goals. Join White and Williams for the 16th Anniversary Annual Coverage College As Chair of the Litigation Division, Bob leads more than 70 lawyers in six offices, reflecting White and Williams` commitment to excellence in delivering optimal results in a cost-effective manner to law firms across all departments.

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