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If you want to buy Office 2016 second-hand, we have the most important innovations for you here: Above all, the possibilities to edit documents in real time and in teams have been extended for Office 2016. Since there are virtually no other relevant innovations apart from cosmetic changes, switching is easy for Office 2013 users. The entry with Office Home and Student Microsoft Office 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / 2021 Home and Student is the entry-level version for private users and contains the four basic programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Be careful, because Outlook is not included here! If you also need the Email Communication Center, you need to access Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business or Business (Business package). This package also includes Publisher and Access. You can already see that you can quickly get on slippery ice when buying used desktop software. Since 1987, various courts have rendered more than 30 important judgments concerning the software trade. You avoid risk when you purchase your software from Because always acts in accordance with the current legal situation and guarantees that the software is subject to the principle of completion and can be acquired legally. The motto of Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus versions was “Designed for Teamwork”. And you can tell it by the fact that documents can be edited in teams and in real time. Good communication is essential for good teamwork, which is what makes adding Skype for Business so valuable.

Your business will benefit from optimized teamwork. For example, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Luxembourg allowed the resale of a copy of used software and the associated license in a decision. According to a BGH ruling of December 2014, used software can be sold individually even if it has already been purchased as a volume license (at low prices). Office 2016 is particularly suitable in combination with Windows 10. It is legally permissible to sell and use “used” Microsoft software if the following conditions are met, for which you and your seller bear the full burden of proof in the event of a dispute: As the new owner, you have also acquired the rights to use used software, i.e. the ability to upgrade this program at a lower cost instead of buying an expensive full version. From the consumer`s point of view, the disadvantages compared to the new acquisition are legal pitfalls. But here you have a different partner with Also, you wouldn`t be protected from product piracy when purchasing new software. Meanwhile, new counterfeit products are increasingly appearing on the Internet, often even infected with malware. Even manufacturers point this out.

After choosing a used Office product from, you will find it in your shopping cart. Then use one of the secure payment methods. You will then receive the Microsoft product key you purchased and the link to download the product by email. Clicking on it takes you to the manufacturer`s website or third-party mirror. Then you can easily install the desired software and start using it after entering the key once. With used Office licenses, entrepreneurs and individuals save twice: first sell the version that is no longer used at Lizenzking, and then enjoy the price benefits of your used programs such as Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student. This significantly relieves your budget. The employees of your company are also happy if you can continue to work with the usual software.

Expensive workshops or seminars for new programs are eliminated, as well as the hardware adaptations that often accompany the installation of new versions. So, with as a customer, you can legally purchase the software of your choice, such as Microsoft Office 2016, conveniently and cost-effectively, and use it immediately. This eliminates the long and time-consuming path to stationary trade. Virtual installation allows you to use your Microsoft product immediately after payment. And at a high price! The trade in used goods has been a common practice since time immemorial. At present, for example, more than a million used cars are offered on German Internet portals, and no one would really think to ask whether the sale or purchase of a used vehicle is legal or violates the licensing conditions of car manufacturers. With software, however, the situation is different, at least superficially. Unlike almost all other products, software is not subject to natural wear and tear. Secondly, some products are no longer offered as new at all and there is no alternative to buying second-hand goods anyway. And finally, more and more software manufacturers are starting to sell their products only in the rental model or in the cloud. If you don`t want to, you need to access a previous version and then, whether you like it or not, in many cases you end up with a used product.

The question of the legality of trade in used software remains. In fact, there have been no legal objections to the used software trade for some time now. A dealer must meet certain framework conditions when offering used software. For example, the legislator prohibits trade if the number of user rights increases as a result of the sale. This means that only as many used licenses can be sold as those originally purchased. The reseller must therefore also ensure that the software is removed from the original user`s computer and that any backup copies are deleted. New or used office? Until the beginning of 2018, it was also possible to buy a DVD when buying a new one. This gave the customer the imaginary security of performing a clean installation via DVD at any time without having to set up a Microsoft account. “imaginary” because, of course, downloading from the Microsoft account was possible at any time. Officially, this is no longer possible.

But if you like being able to use “Office” without a Microsoft account, you can get it from us on request. New or used is more a question of scholarship. Used is perfectly legal, so why pay more? If you purchase a program as second-hand software from Wiresoft, you can be sure that neither you nor Wiresoft are in a legal grey area or violate valid legal provisions. Reselling and purchasing a single used license or a single used (or unused) license from a volume license is legal. In companies, it is common for not all departments and employees to be on the same page with their software versions. Here, volume licensing offers the enormous advantage of the so-called downgrade right. It enables and enables the enterprise to use previous versions of Office. For example, a license for Office 2016 Standard can easily be used as Office 2013 Standard, making it easier for the company to collaborate internally and avoid compatibility issues. It goes like this: due to bankruptcies, mergers, business line shutdowns, downsizing, and system changes, companies like to sell their rights to software such as Office 2013 or a Windows 7 license. Finally, computer programs represent a major cost factor in companies. then buys the company, for example, the Windows 10 Pro license used, which is no longer needed.

If a customer then purchases this product license, it can continue to be used easily and without restriction. Article 5(1) of Directive 2009/24/EC on the acquisition of a `copy of a programme` is always fulfilled by If you buy Office 2016 Professional Plus second-hand, you get better team collaboration. Microsoft has also made it easier for newcomers to get started with its 2016 versions. Features like “What do you want to do” and “Smart Search” help you find the commands or data you need faster and easier. Especially on the Internet, many obviously cheap software offers are circulating. These do not have to be illegal. Be careful though. An extremely low price can be an indication of illegal software. By purchasing the license of Software ReUse, you not only save your company the commitment of a subscription, but you also save thanks to our absolute price advantage of up to 75%, which we offer you with our used software.

Other advantages of used software can be found here. Important new features With the introduction of Office 2016, there is an important change called “click and run”! In this case, it is not a normal installation of Word & Co., but these are streamed via an Internet connection and are not compatible with the old MSI method! Most problems with reinstallation occur if the old version has not been uninstalled before! For those who use “Outlook” is a PST. Backup required. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of used software and especially Office licenses and what you need to pay attention to when buying.

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