Bcn Legal Group Barcelona

| DU GROUPE BCN LEGAL Economist Lawyers / Consulting SMEs and Entrepreneurs / Internationalization Company BCN Legal Group Multidisciplinary office of lawyers and economists, with offices in Barcelona, Sabadell and Granollers, specialized in providing comprehensive advice to small and medium-sized enterprises and collective claims (preferential clauses, accessories, injustice, health centers, Bankia lawsuits) BCN LEGAL GROUP, is a despacho of lawyers and economists resulting from the merger of several companies (Eco Ius Consulting, Bufete Botella & Manich, Jordi Panades i Associats and Font Ausió Abogados Asociados) from different geographical locations and have acquired over the years a remarkable prestige and a great reputation in their sphere of influence. As a result of this development and in order to improve the provision of services to clients, the BCN LEGAL GROUP was founded as a single law firm in order to be able to cover with all guarantees and directly the vast geographical area of Barcelona and its regions. It has offices in Barcelona, Sabadell and Granollers.

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