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The legal framework is a crucial element of the national guarantee system that should be used to support the implementation and protection of the guarantees defined/adopted by Mexico. Legal Foundations of the Birth of Venezuela as an Independent Nation (1830) During the drafting of the Constitution of May 6, 1830, the Constituent Congress of Valencia laid the foundations that gave legal and juridical validity to the separation of Venezuela from the Republic of Colombia. Legal bases It consists of a number of documents of a legal nature that serve as a reference witness and support for the investigation that we conduct, among these documents we have: norms, laws, regulations, decrees, resolutions, and we usually find them in: the Official Gazette, in which we must indicate their number and date of issue, laws approved by the legislature, in the minutes approved by the boards of directors, in registers, at notaries, when it comes to . According to the previous definition, legal bases are all laws that must be associated with study research, articles must be copied as is, and as an end goal, to paraphrase them with the relationship they have with research. In most places, contractors (especially those with more than five employees) are required by law to insure their employees in a variety of ways. Many amateur entrepreneurs try to reduce the costs associated with running a business by weakening their insurance rates, but they understand that saving on employee compensation could backfire and cost them dearly. Some small businesses may be exempt, but as you start to grow, remember that you`ll soon have to think about workers` compensation. The theoretical framework is the presentation of the series of researches, theories and concepts on which a research paper is based. It contains the context, theoretical foundations and concepts that are at the heart of our work. The legal framework provides us with the basis on which institutions are built and determines the scope and nature of political participation. As mentioned in the previous section, legal bases serve as a medium to protect owners from plagiarism on the Internet.

However, it can also be traced back to other scenarios, for example with regard to the protection of user data. In this case, the resource it supports in the European Union is the General Data Protection Regulation. To cite the theoretical foundations, we must consider the following: the pyramid of Kelsen, (Ramos, 2011) It is a strict legal method. The legal provisions include guidelines for determining the structure of electoral administration, instructions to election administrators on how to carry out their work, and the rights and obligations of political parties, the media, voters and other participants in an election. For reasons of integrity, it is very important to review the legal concept as a whole in order to understand the legal framework and, if necessary, to determine the necessary remedies and, if applicable, the nature of the final measures to be taken. Reform of the legal framework can become the starting point for restoring the integrity of the electoral process. This was the case, for example, in Mexico, where electoral reform has become the “lever”76 of genuine democratic change. The implementation of the new electoral legislation served as a basis, a new institutional framework and the creation of various forms of participation. These institutions have established the procedures and working methods that have strengthened the provisions of the new legislation relating to the integrity of elections.

This round of reforms has successfully provided the necessary integrity framework for Mexico`s electoral system. 77 The purpose of the legal bases is to provide participants in a prize draw or competition with information on necessity. They are used to ensure that they know how to proceed, what deadlines are met and what rules apply to them. In any case, in the event of an incident of any kind, there are no problems with the public due to the realization of movements of dubious reliability. Don`t start a business without preparing carefully beforehand. In the following, we present the legal requirements that you must meet when starting a business, as well as the associated costs. so that these concerns fade. Legal bases are official documents that prevent both the brand and the participant from all actions related to an online promotion. Thanks to these types of documents, several legal aspects of a contest are described in detail, for example: There are ways to legally protect yourself when dealing with a product online, as it is always possible that the content is plagiarized or inconveniences arise with users.

To combat this, large companies on the Internet and in states enter into a number of agreements or legal bases to protect both trademarks and users. To ensure that election results reflect the will of voters as faithfully as possible, the legal framework must protect the principles of freedom, fairness and electoral jurisdiction (see Fair and Just Trial). These can, as in the Philippines, for example, be oriented towards the search for an honest, orderly, peaceful and credible context and give the country`s citizens equal opportunities in the public sector. 74 The legal framework can protect the integrity of the election in a variety of ways. The authority is given to certain bodies that perform certain functions. However, this power can be limited if we divide this power between the different institutions and subject them to a series of revisions and adjustments. For example, one electoral management body has the authority to hold elections, but another body may have the authority to set electoral boundaries or manage public funds for political parties. More information on the legal framework for elections is available in Legal Instruments (Education/Theory).

The legal framework provides us with the basis on which institutions are built and determines the scope and nature of political participation. The legal framework for an election, and in particular issues related to the integrity of the election, are regularly reflected in a number of interconnected regulations and laws. Related Content: What are the legal bases and how to properly integrate them into your website In every contest you are looking for or even want to participate in through the networks, you can find countless different legal bases.

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