Audiology Certification Requirements

Each state requires audiologists to be licensed to practice. All have set up professional bodies to regulate the licensing process. These committees set the standards and evaluate candidates to decide whether or not to obtain a license and to deal with disciplinary and professional misconduct issues. It`s worth checking the audiology licensing requirements by state to see what your qualifications need to be. Audiologists must obtain a PhD in this field to be accredited and certified. This requires a four-year bachelor`s degree, followed by four years in a doctorate in audiology. Your courses will guide you through topics such as: Double certification: 256 $Pour people who are already certified in one field or who are in the certification process and wish to apply for certification in another field. Note: Individuals who apply for certification in both fields at the same time will only pay a fee to apply for certification in only one domain. You may have seen or heard other audiological references.

What makes ABA certifications special? Maintaining your certification and/or membership depends on the payment of your annual dues and fees, in addition to professional development requirements (if applicable). The exam is a computer-based multiple-choice test with 120 questions that covers five sections of audiological knowledge: ABA certification is a nationally recognized voluntary standard that is not tied to membership in a professional organization. Implementation: The university degree exam is conducted by submitting (a) an official transcript indicating that the degree has been awarded, or (b) a letter from the university registrar verifying compliance with the degree requirements. Applicants must have completed a program with CAA accreditation or audiology application status throughout the registration period. Applicants who apply for certification without completing a full and supervised clinical internship under the guidance of a clinical instructor/supervisor who meets the above requirements in their program of study will have 24 months from the date of receipt of their application to begin the remainder of their experience and will have 48 months from the date of initiation of their supervised clinical internship after graduation, to complete the experience. These are usually offered as a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Audiology and Linguistics. This means that they provide the right preparation and training not only for audiologists, but also for speech-language pathologists. The reasons for this boom are not rocket science: an aging baby boom population has spent too many years blowing up Rolling Stones songs in inappropriate quantities and is starting to pay the price for failed listening. An aging population is a blank cheque for audiology positions, as baby boomers seek expertise and technology to free themselves from their missed youth. To take the Audiology Assistant certification exam, candidates must complete one of three track options that best match their education and qualifications. Applicants for certification must hold a PhD in Audiology from a CAA-accredited program, a program in CAA application status, or an equivalent program. The ABA Certified logo is available to ABA Certified holders in a press/web compatible electronic format.

If you would like to receive the ABA Certified logo, please download and complete this publication form. You can fax the completed form to 703-485-3555 or email Choose your clinical sites based on your experience, not the certification of your preceptor or supervisor. There are many wonderful preceptors, no matter what certification they have. If you are ABA certified, you can choose the preceptor who will give you the best training experience. Expand your options by selecting the ABA Certified badge. To take the exams, a candidate must be a graduate of a program accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. Since 2012, applicants must prove that they have completed a doctoral program. Audiologists who have met the certification requirements of the previous standard (Master) and who have continuously maintained their certification will not be bound by this standard. (Only eighteen states currently have laws requiring audiologists to hold doctorates, but all accredited programs have been ignored.) New applicants: Get the most out of your ASHA certification and membership. Apply between January 1 and August 31 with ASHA`s New Professional Membership Package and get up to 24 months of membership for the 12-month price. Although the information we offer is strictly related to SLP licenses, the state agencies listed here will provide you with all the information you need about audiological licensing requirements by state.

ASHA`s certification and membership programs are based on a calendar year and are subject to the rates listed below. Applications received between September 1 and December 31 will be processed for the current year, but include membership and certification until the following year. Please submit the payment in full with your application according to the category selected below. The American Board of Audiology strives to keep you informed of all certification exam dates. Keep checking here to learn more about upcoming exams. Implementation: The knowledge and skills identified in this standard are divided into practical areas, but not independently of each other.

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